On-Line Application Form

  • Texting is the preferred method of communication between the ministry coordinators and the parents of the server

  • Please provide an email address, this is also a valuable form of communication, your address will not be shared with anyone outside this ministry.

  • Pick your schedule

    Select all the mass times you are available from the 5 weekend mass times listed below, select by your order of preference

  • All Applicants are expected to following these basic expectations as a member of the Altar Server ministry:

    • All new applicants MUST complete the Altar Servers training, training is from September to March
    • All servers are required to attend scheduled meeting
    • All servers are expected to be at the church 15 minutes before Mass begins
    • All servers are to sign-in when they serve
    • All servers are expected to fulfill their assigned times to serve
    • All servers are expected to wear proper clothes and shoes at the weekend Masses
    • All servers are expected to hang up their vestments after Mass
    • All servers must SHOW REVERENCE AND RESPECT at all times during the Mass
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.