You will need to describe the objects and sacred vessels that are used during the Mass, below you will find some of these items with a description, or you can refer to the altar server ministry handbook, for these definitions.

The Sanctuary is the space at the front of the church within which the Mass takes place. The word means a “consecrated, or sacred, or holy”, place. It is slightly elevated.

The Altar is the large, high table located in the middle of the sanctuary. This is where the Liturgy of the Eucharist takes place. In ancient times, the altar was the place where a sacrifice was offered to God; therefore it is the Altar where the sacrifice of the Mass takes place.

This is the place from which the sacred readings and homily are given. The proclamation of the Liturgy of the Word takes place at the Ambo.

The presider’s chair is from which the priests lead the prayers and rites of the Mass. At times, there may be an additional chair for a co-celebrant priest, or for the Deacon.

This table is at the bottom of the steps in front of the railing at the right-side of the Sanctuary. The credence table is where the cruets, bowl, chalice, ciboria, and other items required for the celebration of the Mass.  This picture shows the credence table before Mass has begun.

This is the crucifix mounted on a long pole that is carried at the head of the entrance procession and when bringing up the offertory gifts. The cross is placed in the stand behind the Altar.

There are four candles on the sanctuary. Two are on the front corners of the altar, and two are at the front corners of the Ambo. The candles at the Ambo are lit before Mass, and used during the procession at the beginning of the Mass, and for the gospel procession.

In preparation for the Liturgy of the Eucharist the candles at the Altar are lit before the candles at the Ambo are extinguished

Always use the candle snuffer, shown here, to extinguish the flame of any candles, do not blow the flame out using your mouth, and always use the snuffer.

The cruet contains water. The cruet, finger bowl and small towel are used during the preparation of the gifts. The cruet is placed on the credence table, along with the bowl, and finger towel before mass begins.

Special notice: After mass the bowl must be emptied, the cruet refilled, and a clean dry towel put back on the credence table for the next mass.

A large pitcher, (made of glass) is used for wine. A large ciborium is used to hold a large amount of unconsecrated host. Both the pitcher and ciborium are brought up to the altar by members of the assembly during the preparation of the gifts.

The Chalice holds the mixture of water and wine which later becomes the Blood of Christ.

The pall is a square hard piece of linen. It is placed on top of the chalice to keep objects from falling into the chalice during Mass

A rectangular cloth that is used to wipe the Chalice or Communion Cups, and the ciborium and clean any spills of the Precious Blood of Christ

The book of prayers for the Mass; the server who carries the cross usually handles this book and holds it for the priest during the Mass. If a fourth server is available that server can hold the roman missal for the priest.

This is the text from which the Gospel is proclaimed.

The Thurible is used for certain Masses where there will be special blessing with incense. The Thurible holds the burning charcoal where incense is placed. The Boat contains incense.

The Aspersory is a container for holding Holy Water.

The Aspergillum is a stick-shaped implement with holes in the ball-like shape on one end. These holes catch the Holy Water as it is dipped into the Aspersory. It will then be used for sprinkling the people or objects that are to be blessed.