Who may serve: Qualifications for service in this ministry are that the young person, (boy or girl) must have received the Sacrament of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist, and must be in at least the fifth grade to join the ministry. Servers are encouraged to participate through their senior year of high school, and longer if possible. Candidates must attend all training sessions and have the commitment and ability to perform this role with reverence.

Ministry application: The child and parent must fill out a ministry application. Click here to fill out the ON-LINE application form or download a copy from here. A copy can also be picked up in the church office. Communication with our servers is VERY important, we must be able to contact you about scheduling and special events. Texting and email are the primary methods of reaching you. When filling out the application please take care to provide a working phone number, an email address is optional but highly recommended.

Training: Candidates MUST complete the server’s training, and be tested before being inducted as an altar server. Training takes several months to complete. Training starts in September and runs thru March, there are two opportunities for training each month; the applicant must attend at least one session per month. Training days vary from a weekday or on a Saturday in the church.

Server Mass schedule: Servers are assigned to assist at weekend masses by the use of a schedule. On the ministry application are options to select the preference for which days and times to serve. If the child cannot attend their assignment they must notify a server coordinator to find a replacement.

Conduct: The altar server represents the Church to some degree and, therefore, their conduct and demeanor should be respectful. Servers must realize that their behavior and conduct set an example to others both inside and outside the church. A child must want to serve at the Altar of God. A reluctant or a disinterested server is a distraction during the Mass.

Proper dress: Altar Servers show respect for the mass they attend by wearing proper attire.

Support the Parish: The altar server ministry takes part in helping with the parish Spring Fiesta, your participation is expected as a member of this ministry.